Aha..The Relief from Insulin Injection Pricks...It is Bliss...

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I am from Mumbai and a diabetic for many years. My son Vivek came to know about AyurVAID at Bengaluru from many sources, and after confirming that it is very effective he brought me to Bangalore on 13th May, 2016. The same day, I consulted Dr.Zankahana, who assured me in a very nice manner that I will get a good treatment and (she will) help me regain my heath. So, I agreed to start the treatment and underwent 'Shirodhara' oil therapy and Amladhara etc, done by experienced staff under the supervision of Dr.Shruthi. The whole team was affectionate during the entire treatment. The result was I felt very light having lost five to six kgs of weight. I stopped taking tablets and insulin, and got relief from so many injection pricks. Overall, I am very happy during the entire treatment and I am going to be in touch with them regularly, and visit again for betterment of my health.

Thanks AyurVAID for relieving me from my health tensions.

- Indira Raghunath, 68 yrs (May 16, 2016)