Ayurveda Promises cure for Neurogenic Bladder

Presenting Complaints with severity and episode duration

  • Bloating of abdomen
  • Constipation.
  • Feeling heaviness in abdomen.
  • Belching
  • Fluid sounds movement in abdomen.
  • Incomplete voiding of urine.

Brief Relevant Medical History (Onset, Duration, Ag/Rel Factors, OTT, Prior Confirmed Diagnoses if applicable):

Patient was apparently asymptomatic before. He has H/O Renal calculi and neurogenic bladder (since about 3 yrs) with difficulty in voiding urine for which he was under allopathic medicines as per physician's advice. He was also advised to have lots of water. He gradually developed with bloating up of abdomen, defecation, difficulty in micturition, gurgling sounds in the abdomen aggravated since 6months.

Current medication : Contiflo D

Clinical Status
Allopathy Ayurveda
Vital Parameters

  • BP:90/70 mm of hg
  • Weight:64kg
  • Height:158cm
  • BMI:25.6

  • Malam:Sama
  • Mutra:Sama
  • Jihva:Nirama
  • Shabda:Sadharana
  • Sparsha:Prakrutha
  • Drik:Prakrutha
  • Akruti:Prakrutha

  • GC:Fair
  • RS:NAD
  • PA:Percussion:Tympani

Dasa Vidha Pariksha

  1. Prakriti - Vatha pitha
  2. Vikriti - Vatha,pitha
  3. Sara -Madhyama sara
  4. Samhanana - Madhyama
  5. Pramana - Madhyama
  6. Satmya - Katu sathmya
  7. Satva - Madhyama
  8. Aharashakti - Madhyama
  9. Vyayam Shakti - Madhyama
  10. Vaya - Yuva
  11. Desha - Bhoomi -Kapha,deham-Vatha,pitha
  12. Kala - Hemanta
Rogi Bala - Madhyam
Roga Bala - Madhyam
  1. Nidana - katu rasa sevana,Athymabu pana
  2. Purvaroopa - Bloating of abdomen
  3. Roopa -Atopa,Adhmana
  4. Updrava:Vibhannda
  5. Arishta Lakshana:NA
  6. Samprapti
    1. Dosha - Vatha,pitha
    2. Dushya - Rasa
    3. Agni - Mandagni
    4. Ama - Sama
    5. Srotas - Rasa,Annavaha
    6. Sroto Dushti Prakara - Sanga

Lab Tests

Endoscopy On 10/2/14:
Esophagus showed 2 linear mucosal breaks less than 5mm.Endoscopic diagnosis(EGD)-Reflux esophagitis Colonoscopy-normal mucosal study.
USG abdomen On 31/5/14
  • Right kidney shows 2 intra renal calculi in the middle and lower pole calyces each measuring 5 mm and 6 mm
  • Left kidney also shows an intra renal calculus in the middle pole calyx measuring 5 mm
  • No evidence of pelvocalyceal dialatation of ureter or calculi at both UVJ
  • Liver ,Gall bladder,Pancreas,Spleen,Bladder and prostrate show normal sonographic pattern
  • No evidence of thickened or dialated bowel segments
MRI study of Lumbo- Sacral spine Mild disc bulge at L4-L5 and L5-S1 levels causing Indentation over ventral thecal sac Whole spine screening:Nasopharyngeal cyst noted
Haematology report On 2/05/14

CT-4 mts.45sec
Total Bilirubin:0.87mgs%
Direct:0.26 mgs%
Indirect:0.61 mgs%

Diagnostic cystoscopy : Bladder Neck Obstruction

Revealed grade 1 bilateral lobes partially occlusive with roof of prostate tissue over anterior urethra extends backward and occluding intln meatus.Bladder capacity normal.Cystitis features+Bladder neck elevation

    RogaSamprapti Flow Chart

  • Vata with pita prakopaka Nidana.
  • Amlaguna vrudha in pitha/Vatha kapha aggravation
  • Vidhagda pitha ,Agnimandhya.
  • Vidhagdha anna

Differential Diagnosis with reasoning

Neurogenic bladder
Esophagitis grade A

Differential Diagnosis with reasoning


Evidence Based Diagnosis

Neurogenic bladder
Esophagitis grade A

Evidence Based Diagnosis


ChikitsaVivechana: Ahara+Vihara+Aushadh+Kriya

Details of Allopathy medicine if continued

Type –IPT
Duration – 22/2/15 to 8/3/15

Primary Treatments: Snehapanam,Udwarthanam

Main Treatments:Virechanam,Shirodhara,Abhyanga,JPS

Post Treatments:Abhyanthara oushada sevana

Chikitsa Paddhati with details of dose of medicine.

From 22/2/15 to 1/3/15

  • Bilwadi lehyam 1 tsp+1 tsp Ashta choornam twice daily before food
  • Thriphala choornam 1 tsp hours of sleep.

From 1/3/15

  • Indukantham kashyam -15 ml+T.Hingu vachadi -2 7 AM
  • Gandharvahasthadi kashayam-15ml+Dhanwantharam gulika-4 tab at 6 PM
  • Dasamoolahareethaki-2 tsp at bedtime
  • Vilwadi lehyam- 1 tsp Before lunch and dinner.

22/02/15 27/02/15 Snehapanam Dadimadi+Kalyanakagritam
22//02/15 27/02/15 Sarvanga udwartanam+BS Ellumnishadi+Kolakulattadi Churnam
22/02/15 27/02/15 Nasyam Ksheerabaladi Tailam
28/02/15 - Virechanam Avipatty Churnam
01/03/15 07/03/15 Shirodhara Balaashwagandhadi Tailam
01/03/15 07/03/15 Sarvanga Abhyanga +JPS Dhanwantaram+Narayana Thaialam Balashwagandhadi Tailam
01/03/15 8/03/15 Yogavasti Erandamooladi

  • On 26/3/15
  • Indukantham kashyam -15 ml+T.Hingu vachadi tablet-2 7 AM
  • Sapthasaram kashayam -15ml+Kankayanam tab-2 mixed 5 PM
  • Dasamoolahareethaki-2 tsp at bedtime
  • Vilwadi lehyam- 1 tsp SOS

Referral Opinion Sought if any - No

  1. Samyak Lakshanas achieved ( Attached)
  2. Outcomes

Before treatment After treatment On review
Bloating of abdomen (poor) Bloating of abdomen reduced significantly. (Good) Further reduced(Good)
Heaviness (poor) Heaviness reduced significantly.(excellent) Further reduced (Excellent)
Belching(poor) Belching reduced significantly(Very good) Further reduced(Excellent)
Difficulty in micturition (Saama) No episodes of difficulty in micturition. No episodes of difficulty in micturition (Niraama)
Gurgling sounds(poor) Gargling sounds reduced significantly. (Good) Further reduced(Excellent)
Motion-Constipated(Saama) clear(Niraama) Clear(Niraama)
Sleep-Good Good Good
Energy level-Moderate Moderate High
Appetite –Mandagni Samagni Samagni
Stress (Manas)-Stressed Relaxed Relaxed
Weight:64kg 62.7kg
BP 90/70mm of hg 100/70mm of hg

Adverse Incident Report (Drug or Treatment): No adverse event reported

Neurology Neurology Neurology

Date At the start of Treatment
Images/ Details of the site Neurology

Patient underwent the classical Ayurveda treatments at AyurVAID Hospitals Bangalore and all his treatments ended without any adverse events. His digestion along with appetite has improved significantly. Bowels are regular. He did not have the episodes of difficult micturition after the Ayurveda treatments. Further he was advised to continue all his internal medicines along with diet & regimen. A significant relief in management of symptoms like amlodgaara, aatopa, avipaka etc after the sodhana chikithsa was found and showed sustained effects even after follow up and no recurrence of symptoms was observed.