Ayurvedic Treatment for Secondary Infertility

A 32 years old female (S.G.) attended AyurVAID Hospitals Domlur center during 2nd week of September of 2014 for following presenting complaints

Present Complaints:

1. Secondary Infertility High severity more than 5 years

2. Scanty menstrual flow High severity more than 4 months

Brief Medical History:

  • Married life since 6 years G2 P2 A2 L0
  • First pregnancy 5 years back terminated vaginally at 5th month due to congenital cardiac anomaly (Mitral valve dysplasia and TR).
  • Hysteroscopy and Laproscopy done for Adhesiolysis+Fulgralton of endometrial cysts.
  • Second pregnancy was and ectopic pregnancy October 2011 - Laproscopic surgery done. November 2011 - Left ectopic rupture. Left Salpingectomy done.
  • Right F. Tube is reported as patent.
  • One cycle of IUI in Jan 2013 and 2nd march 2014 not successful, Patient was referred for IVF.
  • Husband's age: 33 years, Healthy, with no unusual and unhealthy habits.

History of past illness: K/C/O Hypothyrodism ,

Current medication: Thyronorm 25 mg

Clinical Status: BP: 100/70mm of Hg, Pulse: 68 per min, Weight: 52.8 kg, BMI: 21.42

Lab Tests:

Lab Findings Last Recorded Value Lab Findings Last Recorded Value
Prolactin levels
(Normal range:4.79 to 23.3 )
Normal range:0.27 -4.2)
5/9/14=2.48 ulU/mL
(Normal range 0.80-2.0 ng/ml)
5/9/14=1.52 ng/ml
8/8/14=1.31 ng/ml
Anti mullerian Hormone 1.4ng/ml (Low fertility)
Free testosterone
(Normal :<4.1pg/ml)
8/8/14=3.20 pg/ml Testosterone total
(Normal range 0.06 to 0.82)
(Normal: 5.1-14.1 uIU/mL)
5/9/14=8.15 ug/dl
Total chol
Normal range: <200mg/dl
47.3mg/dl Triglycerides
Normal: <150 mg/dl
101.0 mg/dl ESR
(Normal 0-12)
20mm /1st hour
(Normal 11.5-15)
12.7 Total count

USG abdomen Impression: Small anterior wall intra mural uterine fibroid.

Husband semen analysis: 90million/ml, 80% motile.

Diagnosis: Secondary infertility.

OPT/IPT – IPT, Duration – 12 days

Main Treatments-


Internal Medicines:


Patient got her periods on 11/9/14.Patient observed good Menstrual flow.

Treatment Start Date: 11/12/14

Suggested to come back for Utharavasti (if not conceiving in that cycle).

16/01/15 - Early fetal scan report showed 6 weeks Pregnancy. Single intra uterine gestation detected. Estimated gestational age-6 weeks one day.

Medication suggested for Garbha Raksha:


SL# Outcome Parameters 3/9/14 7/10/14 15/11/14 24/11/14 11/12/14 18/12/14 6/12/14
1 Sleep Good Good Good Good Good Good Good
2 Appetite Good V.Good V.Good V.Good V.Good V.Good V.Good
3 Bowels Regular Regular Regular Regular Regular Regular Regular
4 Urination Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal
5 BP 100/70 100/60 110/70 120/80 110/70 110/70 110/74
6 Pulse (min) 68 70 70 72 68 72 70
7 Weight (Kg) 52.8 51.9 52.0 52.4 52.6 52.0 52.0
8 Diet Poor Good Good Good Good Good Good
9 Menstrual flow Scanty Good Good V.Good December last week got conceived.
10 Menstrual Regularity18/8/14 11/9/14 6/11/14 5/12/14

After achievement of healthy state of uterus and vagina (Reproductive system) with the help of treatment conception occurs with the union of healthy seed (sperms and ovum) possessing all its normal qualities.

* Outcomes may vary from person to person

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person