Cured Gastritis through Ayurveda

"Guys, I was suffering from Gastritis from 3 years, and i was alopathic medicine for around 2 years, but it could not cure the problem. I came to know about Ayur Vaid Hospital in Bangalore. i was treated by Dr. Mrityunjay Prasad, Within 15 days there is a drastic change in the Gastritis problem. All thanks to the DR. Prasad, Ayur Vaid Hospital and its medicine"

Dr. Prasad has done some exemplary work with his patients, particularly in the area of GI tract disorders- toughest of tough cases given dramatic relief. Dr. Prasad has also taken the lead in preparation of custom medicines and without doubt this also has contributed to the excellent results obtained in those cases. We are proud of your work, Dr. Prasad. Continue to inspire us!"