Diabetes Reversal

Proof of Efficacy of Diabetes Treatment at AyurVAID

Status Before Treatment After Treatment
Diabetic Drugs/Oral Hypoglycaemic Agents Dianorm-M 500 mg, 1bd Nil
Fasting Blood Sugar(FBS) 211 mg/dl (with Dianorm-M) 102 mg/dl (without Dianorm-M)
HBA1C 11.2% 5.8%
Weight 87.5 Kg 78 Kg
Fatigue, Dullness, Numbness in fingers High Nil

Discovering himself to be severely diabetic, Mr Roopak could dramatically reverse his diabetes- with significant improvements in blood sugar level control, weight, and overall wellbeing. AyurVAID's diabetes management protocol is customised to the stage of the disease and comprehensively treats the root cause. Thus, diabetes disease reversal and sustained wellbeing is attainable for patients right from pre-diabetes stage to diabetes with complications through classical, protocols based AyurVAID Diabetes care.

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