Dr. Mahadevan Iyer

Dr. Melarkode Subramania Iyer Mahadevan

Dr. Mahadevan Iyer, Sr. Physician, is the Medical Superintendent (MS) of AyurVAID Hospital, Domlur, Bangalore. He is one of the senior most Ayurveda physicians in the country and certainly in the entire AyurVAID team, with over two decades of practice. A fourth generation Ayurveda physician, he holds a Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery from the Ayurveda College, Coimbatore.

He specialises in neurological and spine disorders, orthopaedic disorders, diabetes and diabetic complications, and many other chronic diseases and conditions. His family expertise and speciality in pulse diagnosis has given him a name which is wide-spread across India and different parts of the world.

Prior to joining AyurVAID team he has worked for the Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, Coimbatore for nearly 14 years in their hospitals and treatment centers in India and abroad. He was the Chief Medical Officer at the Taj Ayurveda Centre, Calicut. Over the years he has treated several national and international dignitaries including members of royal families, parliamentarians, high level bureaucrats, businessmen and sports celebrities. With additional MBA qualification, Dr. Mahadevan brings in a blend of administrative skills combined with core Ayurveda chikitsa expertise to AyurVAID hospitals.

He is the second son of Late M.V.Subramania Iyer, who was a renowned Ayurveda physician as well as an expert astrologer. Dr. Mahadevan has learned Vedas, Poojas and astrolgy from his father and is one of the leading singers of Sampradaya Bhajans of Melarkode Bhajan troup and has performed Bhajans across India and overseas.

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