FREEDOM from Piles/Hemorrhoids and Pain

"“I have been suffering from piles (hemorrhoids) for many years and it had aggravated to 3rd Stage. Over the years, I had consulted many Allopathy and Homeopathy doctors but found no improvement. I felt convinced about Dr. Rasmi’s approach and competence and decided to go for classical Ayurveda para-surgical treatment (Ksharasutra). I have completely recovered with God’s grace. I strongly recommend patients with piles to go for classical Ayurveda management without any hesitation since I am aware that even with laser treatment the problem of piles often recurs. With Ksharasutra treatment I am informed that there will no recurrence. Further, I had minimum pain with no blood loss, minimum inconvenience, and I could resume my normal schedule within 3 days.”

Ms. AN