I am off Diabetic Medication

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As a diabetic for over five years coupled with BP and cholestrol medication, I came over to AyurVAID to get off the medication and get relief from pain in the feet, peripheral Neuropathy, allergy and numbness in my hands.

The treatments over a fortnight have rejuvenated me, helped me to be off Diabetic medication and maintain sugar levels. The pain and numbness is showing signs of easing out. I thank Dr.Zankhana for meticulously planning my treatment and all the others Dr Mrityunjaya Prasad, Dr Harsha, Vidhu, Jiju and therapists Dominic, Sreeraj have ensured that my stay here is good and enjoyable. Thank You All @ AyurVAID.

- Mr. Alfred Manohar, 47 yrs (April 15, 2016)