Panchakarma Courses and Gruha Ayurveda

Gruha ayurveda There is a major dearth of quality continuing education programs for practicing Ayurveda physicians that are short to medium term in duration and helps build skills in specialised therapeutic areas such as Panchakarma, Ksharakarma, etc. On the other hand, the community at large, and women in particular, is eager to assimilate the principles and practices of Ayurveda in their daily life so as to prevent disease and to sustain the highest levels of well-being.

In a major initiative aimed at furthering these ideals, AyurVAID has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the University School of Continuing Education in Ayurveda (USCE), Gujarat Ayurved University (GAU), Jamnagar, the most prestigious and respected Ayurveda university in the world to make accessible to Ayurveda professionals two impactful Certificate Courses in Panchakarma. Simultaneously, the MoU also envisages the rollout of unique and innovative Ayurveda based personal health empowerment programs, successfully conducted by USCE in Gujarat, to the local communities of various cities in South India. Initially, AyurVAID in association with USCE, GAU shall offer to the community the following 4 courses at Bangalore:


1. “Panchakarma Courses”: Soon to be introduced, for the first time in South India, the highest quality introductory and advanced certificate courses to Classical Ayurveda Panchakarma and the Keraleeya style of Panchakarma shall be accessible to fresh BAMS physicians as also practising Ayurveda physicians who would like to widen and strengthen their knowledge of the principles and practice of classical Ayurveda Shodhana Karma. The Basic Panchakarma Certificate course (1 month) and Advanced Panchakarma Certificate course (2 months) are systematically designed to provide indepth coverage of both practical and theoretical aspects of Panchakarma.

2. “Gruha Ayurveda”: A Certificate Course in daily Ayurveda practices for sustained well-being. The course is aimed at popularising and sensitising homemakers, students, retired personnel the knowledge of simple and useful classical herbal/Ayurveda medicine formulations and to economically prepare genuine medicines of assured quality, at home itself. The USCE-GAU shall award formal certificates to all candidates upon successful course completion.

3.“Mera Swasthya Mera Adhikar (My Health - My Right)”: A learning course designed for the overall health and growth of children of different age groups. The fundamental principals of Ayurveda and concepts and practices of good health are taught as a part of the course curriculum. Different practices impacting health in accordance to the different seasons (Ritucharya), importance of a healthy diet, and exercises are taught.

4.“Conversation with Girls”: A learning course to spread awareness amongst adolescent girls on physical and psychological transformations of the female body and to prepare them at a physical and mental level to best adapt to this important transitional stage in life. The dietary requirements, good eating practices, importance of personal hygiene, and Dos and Don’ts during puberty are discussed with in-depth interactions, a positive model of engagement and empowerment of young girls. This program shall be conducted by senior lady physicians from AyurVAID Hospitals.

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