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Finally, I found effective treatment for my muscular dystrophy at AyurVAID

I got admitted into AyurVAID Hospitals, Domlur because I have muscular dystrophy problem. I have been suffering from this disease since 4 years. I visited so many hospitals, where I did not get any improvement and doctors said no treatment for this. Now I am feeling better and improvement in my condition after having 8 days treatment here. The facilities are very good. Doctors will take care nicely and medicines and treatments will be given on time. Caregivers are humble and more responsible.

Mr. VRR (Muscular Dystrophy)
Admitted unable to walk, he is now walks without support

I was not able to walk when I came to the hospital. I stayed here for 30 days and now I am improving. I am to manage my walking. Here the doctors are taking proper care and others also very cooperative, My sincere gratitude to AyurVAID Hospitals, Domlur.

Mr. SKC (Not able to walk), 15/10/2016
My High BP which never stabilized, now comes to control

I had a Blood Pressure problem. Once it shot up, it did not stabilize at all. After coming to AyurVAID Hospitals, DomlurDr.Radhika Varma took proper care and now it is getting stabilized. I don’t have any problem. It is come down to normal. Sincere thanks to all doctors and the hospital staff.

Mr. SKC (Not able to walk), 15/10/2016
Leg pain, cough, migraine, breathlessness - all are now under control

I got admitted with pain in legs; cough; migraine; breathlessness; and as nails were growing very fast. After treatment, pain in legs reduced 85%; cough reduced 75%; migraine – as of now nil; breathlessness – reduced by 90%; and nail growth is now controlled. Doctors are very knowledgeable. They have experience enough.

Mr. SRN (Leg Pain; Cough; Migraine; Breathlessness; and Fast Nails growth), 30/07/2016
After 16 days treatment, swelling in the knees has reduced considerably

I was admitted with swollen left knee with pain; onset of Osteoporosis; Vitamin D deficiency; and Dryness in the eyes. After 16 days treatment, swelling in the knees has reduced considerably. Pain and stiffness has reduced. 20% it still remains, which I hope will go in a few days. Dryness in the eyes reduced considerably. I am feeling rejuvenated after all the treatment given byAyurVAID Hospitals, Domlur. The management and staff have been very supportive. Dr.Radhika Varma and the entire team of doctors have been very caring. The caregivers have taken utmost care during the 16 days stay. Food was palatable. I feel quite like my home during the entire stay. I had earlier taken treatment here in 2013 as an outpatient. My daughter suggested AyurVAID Hospitals, Domlur once again to get relief for any current problems. I wish the entire team of AyurVAID Hospitals great success in the years to come. I owe my sincere thanks to all of them for giving me the utmost care and attention. 

Ms. RJ (Swollen left knee with pain; Onset of Osteoporosis; Vitamin D deficiency; Dryness in the eyes.), 12/10/2016
Very relaxed and comfortable after treatment

Hospital staff and doctors are very kind and understanding. They are always reachable. This hospital considers patient safety and wellness before anything else, which is a big plus point. I had a very relaxed and comfortable treatment here. Thank you!

Dr.BM (General Health), 19/10/2016
AyurVAID is doing a unique service bringing Ayurveda to people

Dear AyurVAID Team, I consulted AyurVAID Hospitals, Domlur for treatment. I had previously also consulted in the year 2013 and received treatment. I am a firm believer of Ayurveda and hence this science is very effective to cure ailment. I met Dr.Radhika Varma and wholeheartedly appreciate her holistic approach towards treatment. She is excellent and I am very glad to be treated under her guidance. AyurVAID is doing a unique service of bringing Ayurveda to people much more accessible. Thanks for your service. All the best to the entire team.

Ms. SP (Multiple Disabilities), 2016

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