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Allopathy could not clear my vision. Ayurveda gave it to me

8 years back I had a problem of retinal vasculitis. Bleeding in the eye was a problem and haziness. Allopathy could not clear my vision. Ayurvedic treatment did give it to me. Recently poor cataract cell formation was the problem. YAG surgery was not possible hence blindness would remain permanent, as per allopathy. Ayurvedic treatment definitely improved my vision area and maintained it.

Mr. DC (Post cataract cell formation, hazy vision), Bangalore, 2016
Hats off for the dedicated and lovely nature of work

I was suffering from Swelling liver, breathlessness, knee pain. In a short period I have recovered a lot. In my case Dr.Radhika Varma and all other staff members treated me very well like their brother.I am saying hats off for their dedicated and lovely nature of their work.

Ms. DSR (Swollen liver, Breathlessness, Knee Pain), 2016
My mother very much cured of Arthritis

Dear AyurVAID Hospitals, Domlur Team, we would like to thank you for the hospitality and prompt treatment even in the face of language barriers with my mother. We came for treatment of acute Arthritis and my mother felt very much cured after 21 days of treatment. She is very happy with treatment and its effectiveness. She could not get similar relief even after 6 months of treatment with Allopathic medicines.


Before treatment: Severe pain in two knees and shoulder and inability to sleep.


Treatment: 21 days inpatient


After treatment: Pain considerably reduced. Only 20% pain remains in one of the knees and shoulder. We are hoping it will subside in couple of weeks.

Mr. S for mother (Arthritis), 2016
Thank you for the loving care, may Jesus bless AyurVAID

I came here (AyurVAID Hospitals, Domlur) for treatment of Stroke and ALS. I was admitted for 1 month. Symptoms: Weakness in right half of body, slurred speech, difficulty in swallowing, walking, occasional twitching of muscles. After treatment there is tremendous improvement in walking, usage of right hand, clarity in speech, food intake from liquid diet improved to semi solid food.


Dr.Radhika Varma was very accurate in decision making regarding the problem and her advice was remarkable. The supporting physicians and all the staff took great care. Medicines and food were timely given. I am due for another check – up after 3 weeks. I thank you for all your encouragement, support and advice.


Dear Dr.Radhika Varma, at the outset, I would like to thank you and you team members personally for their loving care and their encouragement to me during my entire stay at this hospital.I really appreciate your quick ability to make decisions regarding patient and you have a great team who love the work that they do selflessly giving everything they have in them to take utmost care of the patients.


It is my prayer that Jesus bless the labour of all your hands & may he bring healing to all those who come to the hospital. At the close, I would like to thank all those members who were behind the scene like the cooks, security guards, the receptionists and all other doctors and managers and lay works who cleaned the rooms.


May God Bless you all as you strive together to bring healing to all the people. Before I go to Melbourne I will come and visit you all again.

Ms. R - Australia (Stroke, ALS), 10/11/2016
He began to walk and memory became sharper

Actually our cousin, an army major informed us about this hospital as he found through internet. Last year when my brother wanted to come here for treatment, our cousin had taken details and contacted AyurVAID Hospitals, Domlur on behalf of the patient. During staying here I found my brother improved to followings:

(1) Walking freely which he could not before

(2) Memory has become more sharp – which was not same before

(3) Appetite tremendously developed. Now he can take 200% more food.

(4) Trying to talk. I am hopeful his tongue will function properly as medicine has been given to him to improve and so that he can talk properly in near future.


Doctors are very efficiently treating him with kind manners. Medicine given in proper time and food supplied also in proper time. I must thank the whole team who rendered their services towards my brother. Very Sincerely, Thanks.

Mr. NAS for brother (Multiple Disabilities), 04/11/2016
My knees are better after treatment

I have knee pain since a long time and came for treatment. Left knee pain was severe at the time of admission. Also, I have low blood pressure. Now, after treatment, right knee is better and left knee pain rating is 3, compared to earlier rating of 5 out of 10. This treatment not only reduce the knee pain, also cleaned the toxins from body, including nose and ears.The behavior towards patients are very good by all the employees. I got very good experience/knowledge of taking care of ourselves and proceeding towards a healthy life. Nice experience overall and I will definitely insist my near and dear ones to visit at least once, to AyurVAID Hospitals, Domlur. Thanks to all the team of AyurVAID.

Ms. TS (Knee Pain), 29/10/2016
My sugar levels dropped within a week

I was looking for treatment of Diabetes. Within one week of treatment my sugar levels have dropped considerably. This very encouraging and I hope to continue to see results after next consultation. Therapists’ service was professional and excellent. They were able to explain the medication and processes.

Mr. NG (Diabetes)

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