She Needed a Permanent Cure, Lord Krishna Revealed AyurVAID to Her

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Background on patient’s health: MR consulted AVHR seeking recovery from severe back pain, head ache and pain in knees, so much so that she was finding it difficult to climb stairs. She consulted Dr. Zankhana Buch for treatment and underwent a 7-day treatment.

Hear it from the patient himself:

“It is a fact that for the complete recovery of any disease, the two main aspects are correct diagnosis and proper treatment and care. After taking treatment in AyurVAID for seven days, I believe that AyurVAID has fulfilled both the above mentioned aspects. I came here to take treatment for back pain and headache. I was having selling in my knees and was finding it very difficult in climbing the stairs and coming down the stairs. I was not able to bend my knees. But after the 7 days treatment as prescribed by Dr. Zankhana Buch, I felt a lot of difference, physically and mentally. Now the swelling in my knees and the headache have reduced a lot and I am able to use the stairs without much difficulty. This positive response show that I am reaching towards permanent cure and I give full credit to AyurVAID Hospitals. I have taken many treatments before, but I did not get a permanent relief. So I take this opportunity to thank Dr. Zankhana Buch, Dr.Azar and Dr. Laya for monitoring me properly and for their proper guidance and support. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Care giver Ms.Neethu who treated me with great care, love and dedication, the factors that a patient requires for a speedy recovery. I would also thank AyurVAID Hospitals for their cooperation and support. Above all, I thank Lord Krishna for showing me the way to AyurVAID Ramamurthynagar which is a solution for permanent cure. Finally I thank all the members of the AyurVAID team.

Patient Outcome: With relief from severe back pain and headache, and reduced swelling of the knees, she is walking up and down the stairs again.

Doctor Outcome: Administered Classical Ayurveda Panchakarma treatments for 7 days along with diet, lifestyle changes and medicines.

MR, Bangalore, Jan 01, 2017

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person