CS typically presents itself in two ways: you may be experiencing a reduction in functional ability and movements of your arms and hands, or it could be that you have intense, recurring pain (typically in the neck, arms or hands) - or both.

CS is a combination of conditions which requires restoring bone density, as well as removing compression over the nerve, if any. At AyurVAID, our management is both through internal medication and external therapies. The treatment is mainly oriented to ensure regained strength and movements of the arms and hands, as well as pain reduction. In addition to this, AyurVAID also focuses on discovering the underlying cause of each patient's condition and providing appropriate corrective measures.

We see particularly strong results with patients who have developed the condition through improper posture and habits. For those who have developed the disease due to degeneration, health can be restored and maintained, while the progress of degeneration is simultaneously arrested through Ayurveda.

  • Pain and stiffness in the neck, with pain worsening with upright activities.
  • The pain and stiffness could be confined to the neck alone or may radiate to the right or left hand.
  • There could be radiation of the pain from the neck to the back of the head
  • The pain and stiffness might cause giddiness
  • There could be pain only manifesting in the upper arm
  • There could be numbness in the tips of the fingers
Ayurveda Concept

This is a clinical condition characterized by degeneration of the neck joints and a decrease in density of the cervical spine, with or with out compressing the nerves. In Ayurveda, this disease is termed as viśvācī (pain and stiffness of the arms and neck, that reduces the function of the arm). It is caused either due to the degeneration that occurs with ageing or can be developed at a younger age due to improper posture and habits.

Ayurveda approach to medical management

This is a combination of conditions which necessitates regaining the bone density, as well as to remove the compression over the nerve if any. The management is both through internal medication and through external therapies. The treatment is mainly oriented to regain the strength and movements of arms and hands. In addition to this Āyurveda also aims at finding out the underneath cause, if any, and the measures to revert the same is attempted.

The results are best achieved to the group who have developed the condition by improper posture and habits, while the condition developed due to degeneration can be brought to the state of health and the state be maintained by medications. Simultaneously the progress of degeneration can be arrested.

Areas where the relief is not assured but still significant relief can be expected:

Surgery is occasionally indicated in cervical spondylosis to those patients in whom the pain is intractable, the symptoms are progressive or weakness that fails to respond to conservative therapy.

Treatment specific information

AyurVAID gives equal importance to internal medications and external therapies in the treatment schedule of cervical spondylosis.