Why Ayurveda for Prediabetes Reversal

Ayurveda, The Indian System of Medicine quotes:

“Kupitanam hi doshanam sharire paridhavatam | Yatra sanga kha vaigunyat vyadhi tatra upajayat”

The aggravated and the imbalanced doshas, by the virtue of aberrations of ahara(diet), vihara (lifestyle), agantuka hetu(external factors), manasika hetu or due to nidanaarthakara rogas (comorbidities) circulate in the body and lodge/accumulate in the weakest organ of the body and lead to disease.

The imbalance of doshas and the course they follow to cause disease is termed as samprapti or pathogenesis/disease pathway. Since diseases develop in distinct stages, a good knowledge of the stages helps in early diagnosis of disease in its early stage.

Ayurveda thus elaborates a six stage process for diagnosis called Kriya (action) Kala (time). The first 4 stages being unique to Ayurveda in which they allow the physician to assess and diagnose before it advances to further stages and complications.

Prediabetes is an intermediate form of dysglycemia on a spectrum ranging from normal to overt diabetes. Ayurveda quotes following signs as the Premonitory signs of Prameha- initial stage of a disease before it manifests into subtypes and progresses to Madhumeha upadrava – complications of diabetes

The presence of premonitory signs is indicative of prediabetes risk:

  1. General Tiredness
  2. Mental Dullness
  3. Desire to Sit/sleep or lie down
  4. Excessive Frequency of Urine
  5. Excessive Mouth Dryness
  6. Burning Sensation in palm and soles
  7. Excessive water intake
  8. Desire for intake of Cold food items
  9. Bad Breath
  10. Fast growth of nails and hair
  11. Body Heaviness
  12. Sticky and Knotty hair
  13. Stickiness in eyes/ears/teeth etc.
  14. Looseness or flaccidity in the body
  15. Numbness in Palm-sole/Whole Body

Along with the presence of above signs and symptoms, the blood sugar levels: FBS 100 -125 mg/dl and HbA1C from 5.7%- 6.5% is a clear indication of PREDIABETES

What do we Guarantee

  1. Addresses the Root Cause of Diabetes Disease Process - Metabolism- Agni- Dhatu Agni
  2. Thereby Body’s natural production of Insulin and the receptors of Insulin Function Effectively to Control Blood Sugar Levels
  3. Safe and Comprehensive Treatment Approach without any side effects
  4. Preempting the spiral of escalation of antidiabetic medicines and Injectable Insulin
  5. Arrests the Diabetes Process in Early Stage to Prevent/Delay the Diabetes Complications
  6. Recognition of Prediabetes is critical, given the risk of progression to diabetes. Identifying individuals with Prediabetes offers the opportunity to modify their risk prior to development of significant sequelae

Why AyurVAID:

  1. EVIDENCE BASED DIABETES DIAGNOSIS- to identify the Stage of Diabetes
  2. Deriving The Diabetes Disease Pathway Based on the Nidana Panchaka
  3. The comorbidities arising out of the single disease pathway are understood in detail
  4. The emerging risk factors are stated
  6. Personalized Health Plan for Acute – Later and Sustained Health Outcomes