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भारतीय संस्कृति - प्रतिचिन्तनीय  - Ancient Indian Traditions –Revisited Part 1

Monsoon Therapies

Some facts on Ancient Indian Cooking

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भारतीय संस्कृति - प्रतिचिन्तनीय  - Ancient Indian Traditions –Revisited Part 1

Why do Indian women wear toe rings?


Traditional practices in Hinduism were once regarded as mainly superstitions, but with the advent of science, it is becoming evident that these traditions are based on some scientific knowledge and have acquired the form of traditions over generations. Though the common people did not know science in it, General public did not know the science behind these traditions, they were following it very faithfully over the years. This is an attempt to bring forward the science involved in these traditions and rituals...

Joining both palms together to greet

In Hindu culture, people greet each other by joining their palms - termed as “Namaskar.” The general reason behind this tradition is that greeting by joining both the palms means respect. However, scientifically speaking, joining both hands ensures joining the tips of all the fingers together; which are linked to the pressure points of eyes, ears, and mind. Pressing them together is said to activate the pressure points which helps us remember that person for a long time. And, no germs since we don’t make any physical contact!

Monsoon Therapies :

Monsoon Ayurvedic Therapies (Karkataga Chikitsa)

MONSOON- The arrival of rains on the earth dried up with hot summer is a blessing and a pleasurable experience. But the changes at this time also affect your body. Monsoon is the time when all the three doshas aggravate & show their impact as diseases in the body.

Ritucharya Vidhi in ayurveda says- The vata dosha which is already vitiated but has not shown its impact on health breaks out in the form of diseases as a result of the rain and cold weather, causing all painful conditions to aggravate. Rains in the summer increase acidity in all food materialand vegetables, aggravating pitta dosha. This causes fever, acidity and digestive. The contaminated water & food In cold weather aggravates Kapha dosha in turn, causing cold, cough, allergy & skin diseases. To prevent this, our ancestors were following a healthy practice of seasonal therapy protocol & the Kerala style of therapy protocols known as “KARKATAKA CHIKITSA”. Karkataka refers to the cancer sign that symbolically represents the slow progression of diseases in human body.

The therapy includes,

Oil massages, steam bath, internal oleation with medicated ghee & enemas that remove the toxins & wastes from the the body, purifying it. This is followed by intake of medicated food generally known as Karkataka kanji (medicated porridge) & Rasayanas to rejuvenate & restore new life to your tissues.

This therapy is described in detail in Ayurveda, as it ensures prevention of diseases & improves energy, vigor & longevity of life
Some facts on Ancient Indian Cooking

  • Nala and Bheema were cooks placed in royal palaces according to Acharya Vagbhatt
  • The Brahmana texts describe the implements, tools, furniture, vessels and utensils ( Yajnayudhas) with corresponding mantras, their forms and functions.
  • Tittiriya Samhita lists ten such objects like knife, earthen platters, ladle etc.
  • The most striking feature of ancient culinary is that it was based on the concept of 6 Rasas and 3 Doshas which are the fundamentals of Ayurveda.
  • The cook has to have certain qualifications. Birth in the same country [as the party being cooked for], self-control, soft spoken, knowledge about various materials, place and time etc. He has to wash his hands and feet before cooking. Cooking has several advantages in improving quality, digestibility and palatability. At the same time, cooking in a wrong manner can reduce the nutritional contents.
Doctor of the Month

Dr. V. Ajithkumar, BAMS, F.C.I.P
Sr. Physician, AyurVAID Hospital, JayaNagar, Bangalore

Dr. V. Ajithkumar
Dr Ajith is a Senior Physician at AyurVAID Hospitals & Clinics and brings over 22 years of experience in Ayurveda medical care to AyurVAID. In addition, he serves as Head, Diabetes Chikitsa Program, at AyurVAID. He is a graduate of the prestigious Government Ayurveda College, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala. He has also been awarded a fellowship in 1996 by IMPAI for excellence in clinical management of joint disorders.

An exceptional Ayurveda physician, he is highly respected by his peers and loved by his patients, Dr. Ajith specialises in non-communicable diseases with particular focus on management of diabetes, diabetic complications, cardiovascular disorders, skin disorders, orthopaedic-neurological conditions, and infertility. Further, his deep understanding of classical Ayurveda pharmacology enables the development of customised, potent medicines for the treatment of difficult/rare diseases.

Prior to AyurVAID, Dr. Ajith has served in senior, multidimensional roles including Clinical, R&D, Quality Control, and Manufacturing roles at a leadership level with leading corporates in Ayurveda products and services. Dr. Ajith has won several recognitions and awards for clinical excellence as well as for R&D work done in the area of diabetic ulcers.

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VAID: Mahadevan Iyer, Medical Superintendent, AyurVAID hospitals, Domlur Bangalore answers a query:

Query , Bangalore:

I am 25yr old male working as a software engineer. I am suffering from itching & Skin rashes in body since 2yrs. Presently I am on Tab Citrizine which makes me symptoms free but Itching persists for long time . I also had history of Asthama since many years which aggravates only during winter seasons. I am using inhaler for my breathing difficulty since 5 yrs. Please suggest some treatments for me.

Kindly suggest a remedy.

Vaid: Mahadevan's Response:

Both Your problems are mainly related to elevated allergens in your body. First you need to observe the causative factors which worsens your condition like diet, lifestyle Eg- change of season like winter aggravates breathing problem as you already noted. According to principles of Ayurveda first you need to avoid your causative factors. Since you had history of Asthma and continuous use of inhalers the suppressed allergens in body could have exhibited through skin rashes. So it is necessary to undergo shodhana karma (Detoxification therapy) under expert Ayurveda physician. As oral medications you can go for Vyoshadi vatakam, Haridra Khandam, Patolamooladi Kashaya, Avipatti churna etc after consulting an expert Ayurveda physician.

Doctor’s day wishes

1st July is a National Doctors and it is a time for us to thank and appreciate the doctors for keeping us healthy and happy !!

AyurVAID salutes all Vaidyas for their art of healing and caring.