An allopath Surgeon's Faith on Ayurveda for Cancer patients

I had an opppurtunity to remain connected with the postgraduate institute of training and research in ayu uni of jamnagar as an allopathic surgeon .. teaching shalya students both under and postgraduates.. and with passing time i learned that no science is complete.. and hence a combined effort to any disease or deformity, of the knowledge and skill available in many forms of medical science would help us yield a better outcome of what we do for our patients... in an effort to do so we had added ayurvedic supplements to our patients of cancer receiving chemotherapy/radiotherapy/surgery.. with an aim to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and thereby improving performance status and hence the outcome of the treatment.. this was a dissertation topic given to MD ayurved students in jamnagar ayu uni...and we had compared it in a non biased study with a control group and the results found were very encouraging ..

The undesired and worst side effect of chemotherapy was neutropenia and leucopenia with pancytopenia and hence the next cycle which is scheduled to be given at ascheduled time (say 21 days) could not be given and hence thechances of cancer cells start multiplying was theoretically possible, with addition of ayurvedic avaleha.. this was grossly avoided in most of the cases..the Gi side effects ,drynesss of skin.. insomnia, vomitng and many other routinely anticipated side effects too were drastically reduced .. and hence a combined approach.. a mutimodal approach to all diseases escpecially in cancer and other diseases would be the vision of tommmorow..

would be happy to share views in this matter and hoping to combine the know of yester yearss and today for a better future..

WITH REGARDS DHAVAL MANKAD... MS COnsultant Surgeon Jamnagar Gujarat.

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person