Pre-Diabetes Program on World Diabetes Day

Assured, Pre-Diabetes Reversal Program @ Rs.19,999/-

Pre-diabetes program

  • High prevalence of pre-diabetics with significant cross over to becoming full-blown diabetics
  • Default interventions focus on diet-exercise to reduce weight and insulin resistance
  • AyurVAID launches the 1st ever protocols based ‘Assured Pre-Diabetes Reversal Program’ (ARPD)
  • AyurVAID’s 10 Day Panchakarma program assures reversal of pre-diabetes to non-diabetes
  • Thorough measurement of clinical outcomes and biomarkers shall establish the reversal
  • AyurVAID’s ‘ARPD’ classical Ayurveda program is being launched at a breakthrough price of Rs. 19,999/-

An estimated 10.3% of Indians are pre-diabetic (HbA1c from 5.7% to 6.5% or Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) of 100-125 mg/dl) today and another 7.3% are diabetic1 (HbA1c >6.5%). This means a total of approximately 180m Indians today are either pre-diabetic or diabetic. A significant majority (70%-90%) of pre-diabetics are likely to become full-blown diabetic. Approximately 10% of 5-19 year olds across India are pre-diabetic a health ‘time-bomb’ for India. Current management practice focuses on dietary and lifestyle changes that are notoriously difficult to adhere to particularly when it has to be sustained for months, for the typical individual.

AyurVAID now launches a 10 Day program that includes classical Ayurveda panchakarma chikitsa or medical management that includes a customized diet plan, lifestyle, classical Ayurveda medicines, and deep system cleansing panchakarma therapies that results in an assured and sustained reversal of pre-diabetes. Weight loss and improvement in the quality of life parameters such as sleep, motion, digestive issues, state of mind, vitality-energy levels is an added advantage.

The process includes a detailed screening of the patient in accordance with AyurVAID’s national quality award-winning protocol. Thereafter, the ARPD program of typically 10 days duration would be initiated with strict tracking of outcome parameters. HbA1c/FBS shall be measured on the 1st, 10th, and 25th day after treatment initiation to establish the outcomes achieved. A breakthrough price of Rs 19,999/- has been affixed to ensure that maximum people can avail of this breakthrough Ayurveda treatment program at an affordable price.

The ARPD program is currently offered at AyurVAID’s hospitals in Bangalore, Gurugram, Cochin, and Almora.





4. Subject to compliance with prescribed diet and lifestyle regimen during treatment

5. Lab charges extra at actuals on need basis

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Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person