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RituCharya in Ayurveda : An Actual Evidence Lies in Ayurveda

A study involving more than 16,000 people found that the activity of about 4,000 of those genes appears to be affected by the season, researchers reported in the journal Nature Communications. The findings could help explain why certain diseases are more likely than others to strike for the first time during certain seasons, the researchers say.

Ayurveda Guidelines to Exercise

Dinacharya- Daily Routine begins with sequence of activities that should be performed during the day after a proper night's sleep. This activites are advised in such a way that maintain the rhythm- balance of doshas- Vata-Pitta- Kapha.

Vyayam Excercise is an essential component of Dinacharya- Daily routine. Ayurveda Seers have set the guidelines for exercise.

“Heard melodies are Sweet, but those Unheard are Sweeter.”

AyurVAID salutes this man (Robert Panara) who made a difference to the lives of so many deaf people, all over the world. "An elegant and eloquent campaigner for a fully integrated education system for deaf people, one that mixed poetry and drama, sign and speech, hearing people and the deaf." As the article states: