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AyurVAID – Delivering thru’ Performance in Diabetes Control & Reversal

After discovering himself to be severely diabetic, Mr R. Krishnan could dramatically reverse his diabetes – with significant improvements in blood sugar level, weight, and overall well-being.  AyurVAID’s ‘T2TD’ Program is customized to prevent onset, and to arrest and reverse progress of diabetes and its complications, achieve targets personalized to each Diabetic.

“I am a Diabetic. To update on my health status and Blood Sugar Values, 6 months down the line after I started treatment at AyurVAID.I have improved significantly in my energy levels. I go for a Jog 4-5 km/day four days a week.

My Sugar levels have been very much under control. I have been following Classical Ayurveda Anti-Diabetic Medicine.I had a lot of travelling abroad in past 3 months. I have been following a healthy diet and lifestyle, yet I am not going on extreme. I eat out with my family once in a while. My sleep has been very sound.

I am completely out of my previous habit of nibbling food items in between work. My addictions to computer, mobile phones are very much away. I find myself more calm.I took my Blood sugar HbA1c Level on July 12th 2016, which is 5.7% (11.2% in Nov 2015). I am now 76 kg, which was 87 kg in the month of Nov 2015.Now to sustain the level and keep my doshas in balance, I will be going by Dr Zankhana’s recommendation of Health Management Treatment Plan for next two months with Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatments.

I urge all of you and the Diabetics in particular that: Ayurveda has true potential to reverse Diabetes. I am recommending all my friends and colleagues to AyurVAID. My friends and colleagues have seen a drastic change of GOOD HEALTH in me in last 6 months. My family is very impressed and very happy with my reversal of Diabetes.I have researched a lot of Centers claiming Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatments. None of them are close to AyurVAID in delivering utmost care in DIABETES MANAGEMENT AND REVERSAL.


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