Ayurveda cure for diabetes and Gout

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20 Years Diabetic from Singapore With Multiple Health Difficulties Benefits from Precision Ayurveda Medical Care at AyurVAID Hospitals

The blog post says it all. And the following extract.

“Three weeks after we returned, his gout had “vanished”, the water retention had totally gone, and his feet were no longer swollen. His BCG had stabilised to between 5 and 15.


We will highly recommend taking the AyurVeda treatment for diabetes and gout at AyurVAID Hospital. Personally, Eric has found it very effective. The staff at the hospital speak English, so we could speak directly to the doctors, nurses, therapists, and cleaners. While not totally free of insulin, it had restored our hope in healing Eric’s diabetes. Even after returning home, AyurVAID sill continued follow-up without any additional cost.

Previously, Eric get one gout attack one after the other, with huge swollen and painful feet. 2 months after return, his feet are normal, no longer painful and swollen. His diabetes is more controlled, and he is more energetic.

We will be returning in another year’s time for follow-up treatment.”

A big thank you to Ms. Daphne Lee from all of us at AyurVAID. We look forward to your return and serving you in future.

Kudos to Dr Zankhana Buch, and Team AyurVAID Hospital, Domlur, who provided the competent and compassionate medical care and continue to do so.

Ayurveda Can, AyurVAID Does.

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