Ayurveda Surgical Management

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In Ayurveda, surgery is a well developed, scientifically tested and proven solution for a variety of ailments. Classical Ayurveda para-surgical (non-invasive) procedures such as Kshara Karma, Kshara Sutra, Agni Karma, Rakta Mokshana are performed under strict protocols at AyurVAID hospitals Bangalore (Ramamurthy Nagar) and Hubli (Vidya Nagar). Our hospitals are equipped with modern, fully-equipped operation theatres for the highest levels of hygiene and efficiency. Most of our hospitals also offer the services of a lady surgeon in the event that female patients express a preference.

The department of surgery at our hospitals can be considered a treatment centre of choice for the following medical conditions:

  • Ano-rectal conditions- Piles/Fistula/Fissure
  • Chronic non-healing ulcers, lesions
  • Anal & uterine polyps
  • Tonsillitis

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person