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Martha Graham once said, “Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body”.  I’m a 44-year-old dancer. But above all, I’m a mother of two sons. After their birth, I left my job and have dedicated my life to family and household chores. However, dance is what defines me and I still continue to perform in various functions. I’ve been dancing since my childhood and as a dancer, I feel like my feet have given me wings! I’ve been in Bangalore for over 17 years now, but I was raised in the City of Joy, Kolkata!

Besides being a dancer, I’m also known in my family as the ‘Yoga Freak’. I lead a very healthy and fit life and am always engrossed in one physical activity or the other. My husband and I go on regular treks as well.

It was during one of these treks that I started feeling a hindrance in my knees while climbing the rocks. Soon, these hindrances started occurring more frequently, and I’d started feeling a sort of lock and pain in my knees even while walking. I had to cancel a dance performance because of this. On getting several scans and x-rays done, the doctors said that they’d found a cyst in my knee-joint and some knee deformations. I’d thought my wings of a dancer need to rest now and all my physical activities had stopped. This was very depressing for me as I was used to a very dynamic lifestyle and this substantially altered that.

However, my husband is a close acquaintance of Mr. Rajeev, so I went to AyurVAID. Since yesterday, I’m able to walk properly and have no pain at all! My brother-in-law was supposed to undergo a surgery and was utterly skeptical about Ayurvedic treatment. My husband insisted him to try it multiple times, so he went ahead with it. Three weeks into the treatment, he’s doing absolutely fine and is now discharged without any surgery! I completely believe in Ayurveda as I’ve witnessed such marvels right in front of my eyes.

—    Mrs. Paromita Ray

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Table of Contents
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