Charity begins at Home- a Colon Cancer Survivor pens down his thoughts on Ayurveda approach for Cancer.

I was diagnosed having colon cancer in June 2005

Dr Zankhana Buch was preparing for her first year MD exams, during which, I had complaints of severe constipation and bleeding while passing stools. She advised me to go for colonoscopy on 23/07/2005, which diagnosed ADENOCARCINOMA RECTUM. My surgery was done on 01/07/2005, at Rajkot, by Dr Nitin Tolia and assisted by Dr Dhaval Mankad. I was advised for 24 intravenous chemotherapy, weekly once for 6 months after a 5 day cycle of chemotherapy (Fluorouracil) on dates 16/08/2005 to 20/08/2005.I used to take chemotherapy every Saturday of the week. After may be a 2 or 3 chemotherapies I started developing complaints like restlessness, burning sensations, mouth ulcers, slight hair-loss etc.

Dr Zankhana Buch studied side effects and advised some simple Ayurveda home remedies along with Ayurveda medicines. After taking them I started feeling better .So I completed chemotherapy sessions without any break. I was even able to attend my office duties during rest of the week. My surgeons Dr Nitin Tolia and Dr Dhaval Mankad were also very open minded to let me follow the integrated approach with Ayurveda Medicines as they were safe and could be taken along with the chemotherapy.

This gave her an inspiration to work for other cancer patients. She took up a thesis work for her post-graduation, on the topic of Ayurveda medicines for Cancer patients. She made thorough research on side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She prepared special medicine to lower the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which helped several patients to have a good quality of life. I wish her all the best. I thank Almighty for the giving her an inspiration to work for such patients.

AyurVaid Hospitals is doing an excellent job to work for Cancer patients , where they can carry out the conventional treatments with lesser side effects and improved quality of life.

As a Cancer survivor I strongly believe that Ayurveda principles of healthy diet, lifestyle, medicine along with timely detection and an expert cancer doctor really matter a lot.

Jagdip Mankad
Retired. Commercial Tax Officer
6 Patel Colony

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person