Cigna Global Leadership Team @ AyurVAID Hospitals, 14 January 2016, Day 1 Interaction


The #Ayurveda immersion experience for the visiting #Cigna Global Leadership Team began with an introduction on Ayurveda healthcare sector and the distinct complementary role it is playing today in India. Starting with a high level overview of the Indian healthcare sector (demand and supply) Ayurveda, the gaps in fulfilling consumer expecations, and Ayurveda's features including:

- that  India has a flourishing mainstream medical system in Ayurveda
- that the India general population understands Ayurveda very intuitively, as a part of their daily life over generations (however to be distinguished from grandma's medicine and primitive folk healing traditions)
- there is a large existing base of Ayurveda physicians across the country to which over 12000 freshly qualified graduate Ayurveda physicians and over 1500 MD(Ay) physicians are added each year
- that it can interplay and seamlessly interface with allopathy medical care, without compromising either system of medicine
- that phenomenal clinical trails and other R & D is happening today to establish Ayurveda as an Evidence Based Medicine
Thereafter, the foundational concepts of Ayurveda were briefly introduced @ the root cause diagnosis, and @process & outcomes driven medical management.
To conclude, the clear takeaways for the health insurance sector in terms of leveraging Ayurveda in their strategic roadmap were presented and discussed.
AyurVAID delighted and privileged to host this global leadership team from Cigna

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person