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Diagnostic / Pure Ayurveda Consultation

Your relationship with AyurVAID begins with a detailed private consultation with a Senior AyurVAID Physician:

  • Short Consultations of 20-30 minutes are typically required for minor, routine illnesses or medical conditions.
  • Detailed consultations of 60 minutes or more are required for a specific chronic or serious problem, as well as multiple afflictions and/or a complex medical history. Depending on the length of your consultation, your interaction will involve a clinical examination and thorough understanding of your daily habits, diet, routine etc. Based on this, the Doctor will talk to you in detail about your constitution, and any indications of imbalance and incipient health risk factors. S/he will then define your treatment plan.
  • You may also be referred to have integrated specialty consultation sessions, or see external specialists, depending on the nature of the existing complaints and risk factors identified.

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person