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I’m Clyde D’razario, a 58-year-old former L.I.C Employee, and spend my time very gladly teaching music to students. Music has always been my passion, and now it’s turned into my career. As a teacher, you’re not just teaching your students from textbooks, you’re also constantly encouraging them to perform well in many aspects of life. A teacher plays a huge role in laying down the foundation of a child’s career path.

Like most schools, we too have an annual sports day. The teachers of our school take an active part in this and boost the morale of our students during all the events. I was helping out the students with a tyre event when I felt a massive pain in my back. The pain went on that night and then for several days and I eventually started consulting a few doctors. The doctors said that there was nothing wrong with my spine but suggested me to seek physiotherapy. However, I was committed to my work and couldn’t afford to take any leave. During this time, I went for a consultation in AyurVAID Hospitals.

The doctor suspected diabetes was aggravating my pain. Upon testing, I turned out to be highly diabetic with HB1AC (3 months blood sugar) of 9.0. I was asked to get admitted and without informing my son or wife, I got myself admitted the next month. In the last three months, my diabetes has got reversed and am now at HB1AC of 5.5 The reason for which I went to Ayurveda i.e., my pain has drastically subsided, and I have also lost weight in the last three months. Need I say more? People don’t believe in Ayurveda. I asked them to try it, nonetheless!

@Clyde D’ Rozario
Music teacher in Greenwood’s school Whitefield, Bangalore

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Table of Contents
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