Diabetes Reversal Through Ayurveda

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The only question I kept asking myself is “Is this reversible?” I lost my mother to Diabetes within 5 years of her being diagnosed. She would take two insulins per day. And even after so much struggle, Diabetes won the battle and not my mother. So, when I got diagnosed with the same disease, all I wanted was for the disease to get reversed. Somehow, anyhow! The first two years, I underwent Allopathic treatment but all the doctors had the same thing to say: “It cannot be reversed”. My mind wasn’t willing to accept this. During my allopathic treatment, I started facing immense hair fall. I would just touch my scalp and have a chunk of my hair in my palm. During this time, I’d heard of AyurVAID Hospitals. One of my family friends got a surgery done here and had received great results. So, I initially came here with my hairfall problem, and within a month’s time, it completely reduced. My hair had become so strong that I felt like I could pull a person with it!

Soon after, I started with my Diabetes treatment in AyurVAID. And guess what? It has reversed! People’s mindset about Ayurveda needs to change. Right from birth, we are programmed to believe in Allopathic treatment despite its side effects. I’ve completely stopped using Allopathic medications now. Even if my daughter has a mild-fever, I take her to Dr. Zankhana in AyurVAID. She’s a fabulous doctor! In one of my adventure trips, I took an AyurVAID-kit along with me. Over there, not only was I using the Ayurvedic medicines, but I was also giving it to other people who needed it! I’m a big fan of Ayurveda!

— Mrs. Manju Chandra, Technical writer, Graphic Designer, IT analyst, Bangalore

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