What are the basic scope and factors of Ayurveda treatment?
What is the basic component of an Ayurveda treatment?
How can moderate disease conditions be treated?
When is Panchakarma needed?
Does Ayurveda address emotional problems?
How is the diagnosis process done at AyurVAID?
Is it OK to come for ayurvedic treatment even if I am if I am taking allopathic medication?
Do Ayurvedic drugs have any side effects?
I have been taking medicines for 2 months now and there has been no benefit
Why are these medicines/ oils causing side effects.
“Have you ever wondered why two people might live the same life-style (be exposed to the same factors, eat the same foods) and one falls ill or perhaps puts on weight or gets tired, and the other doesn't?”
What does the word 'Ayurveda' mean?
How does Ayurveda seek to promote health?
Is Ayurveda tied to a particular religion?
What are the main differences and similarities between Ayurveda and modern medicine?
Are Ayurveda and modern medicine incompatible?
But isn’t Ayurveda static, while modern medicine is a growing body of knowledge?
What is the ideal balance between Ayurveda and modern medicine?

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