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RMO at our AyurVAID Hospitals.

Please find the JD below:

Graduate Ayurveda physician or surgeon with a minimum of two years experience in Ayurveda hospitals that offer classical Kerala Ayurveda chikitsa including the pradhana/shodhana karma. Alternatively, postgraduate Ayurveda physician or surgeon with or without minimum experience in a hospital setting. Administrative experience in a hospital or in any organization is a key attribute. Good communication skills, people management skills, self-confidence, and overall leadership skills are mandatory. Familiarity with the local language, local communities-patients, and doctors- is preferable. Basic knowledge of computers including the use of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software, and internet/email is preferable. The experience requirements may be relaxed in case of exceptional candidates who otherwise show the potential to fulfill the role requirements.


you can submit your resume to vaid@ayurvaid.com

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person