He Got Rid of His Pain in the Neck

Background on patient’s health: Nagesh consulted AyurVAID after 45 days of pain and painkillers

Hear it from the patient:

“Started with neck stiffness, gradually radiating to the shoulders and hand. I suffered with pain for 45 days. Msucle relaxants, painkillers and physio helped a bit but (did) not (see) much improvement. (It then that) I wanted to try Ayurveda as per my friend's suggestion and came to AyurVAID. The doctor quickly spotted the problem and suggested few medicines along with a 10 day massage (with herbs and medicines) course. (I) got the improvement on the 2nd day itself. Now I am back at work, having a pleasant sleep and returning to my regular life. Thanks AyurVAID!!!

Patient Outcome: Completely cured of Cervical Spondylosis and of better health with AyurVAID treatment.

Nagesh, Oracle Bangalore, Apr 1, 2013

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person