“Heard melodies are Sweet, but those Unheard are Sweeter.”

AyurVAID salutes this man (Robert Panara) who made a difference to the lives of so many deaf people, all over the world. "An elegant and eloquent campaigner for a fully integrated education system for deaf people, one that mixed poetry and drama, sign and speech, hearing people and the deaf." As the article states:

1. Blindness cuts people off from things, but deafness cuts them off from people. 2. About sign language or 'signing': "what many regarded as a crude, gestural way of communicating was, in fact, a complex system with its own grammar and subtle forms of expression" 3. Signing for Mr Panara became a pas de deux between the fingers and the face, a way of shading in meaning with the lightest of movements. 4 “To see him was to experience a continuous journey of discovery.” As a signer, he made “sculptures in the air”.. 5. Today there are 120,000 deaf students in college in America and deaf studies has become mainstream.

His life reminds us of the beauty of nature and how each living being has its/her role to play. He expands our sensibilities and awareness of life itself.

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