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Poor live on the precipice and a hole-in-the-heart can push one over the edge! As a manual labourer at a tile factory, I have to depend on my muscular strength to earn my living. The daily wage of Rs. 600 per day is all I have to care for myself and my mother disabled from the stroke. Hence, when 3 years back, at the age of 45, I started feeling extremely weak and emaciated, my entire livelihood was at stake. I was scared to go to any hospital as I have never been unhealthy and have a phobia of doctors and hospitals in general.

As I went to the doctor at Srinivasa Hospital in my hometown Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh, he suggested some Doppler scans. The diagnosis as per the doctor was a Hole in the #Heart. My heart beat rate had dropped to 26 with Ejection fraction dropping to 33% (normal value of 50%). I have been extremely healthy my entire life and have no bad habits like alcohol and smoking, so while my condition was quite precarious, I had full faith that God will restore me to my health.

I came to Narayana Hrudalaya in Bangalore and was put on some medicines and was advised surgery which was not possible for me due to my economic condition. Then a friend from my village suggested me to try out #Ayurveda and I landed at AyurVAID Hospitals Bangalore. I had faith that I will get better, but the quick recovery was surprising to me. I couldn’t be admitted to the hospital as I have to work every day so opted for medicines. Within a month, my heart rate improved to 46. Over the following 6-8 months, my heart rate has become completely normal and also the Ejection Fraction has recovered back to the normal rate of 53%. I’m sharing my experience so that other people can also benefit from our traditional treatment which served me so well.

— Mani (Daily Wage Worker), Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh

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