Infertility Success Story


Dr Jayakumar R, Consultant Physician, Reproductive Health, AyurVAID Hospitals, Ernakulam, brings hope to those in despair.

Mr and Mrs Q 42 and 39 years respectively, had been to several infertility experts in the country with the great hope to build their family. Mrs Q had an associated medical history of uterine fibroids accompanied with excessive and painful bleeding. But all they had was despair. Finally they chose to try Ayurveda. The couple consulted Dr. Jayakumar at AyurVAID, Ernakulam.

They underwent Ayurveda classical assessment according to AyurVAID’s protocols to address the root cause of infertility applicable to their case. Dr Jayakumar prescribed and supervised classical Ayurveda intensive therapies with the medicines and diet and lifestyle recommendations. Mrs Q on follow up was completely cured of uterine fibroids. Her bleeding was normal and regular without pain.

They were advised to follow the classical Ayurveda principles of HEALTHY EUGENICS – i.e. Suprajanan Shastra. They incorporated Ayurveda advice in their lifestyle and as a result one fine day came the GOOD NEWS!! In the month of Feb 2015, Mrs. Q was confirmed pregnant.

Dr Jayakumar has treated more than 80 couples with the condition of infertility due to various explained and unexplained causes and has achieved success, just as in the case of Mr and Mrs Q.

Dr Jayakumar completed his research and MD thesis in the area of fertility and reproductive medicine under several distinguished Ayurveda practitioners. He is skilled in doing the unique Ayurveda procedure ‘Uttaravasthi’ which is one of the key procedures in this specific Ayurveda specialty. Dr Jayakumar has in a short time span established himself as a confident flag bearer for the science of Ayurveda in effective treatment of this most fundamental of human needs.

AyurVAID conveys best wishes and congratulates Dr Jayakumar for his knowledge and skills par excellence in this field of Ayurveda Reproductive Medicine.

Appointments with Dr. Jayakumar may be fixed at 0484-2311399, 2320412 or by email at:

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Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person