Multiple Health Issues Solved in the Very First Treatment

Background on patient’s health: Vidya consulted AyurVAID due to multiple issues such as constant headache, body pain, constipation and weight gain and received treatment from Dr. Surya.

Hear it from the patient:

“I was suffering from headache, body pain, constipation and weight gain issues. The oil and stress massages were very rejuvenating and refreshing. I have seen a lot of positive changes post treatment and a progress in both body and mind. I would like to thank Dr. Surya for being very approachable and understanding with all the issues. I would also like to thank Dr. Krishna and all the caregivers at AyurVAID”

Patient Outcome: Obtained remarkable relief from multiple health problems and a better health with a 12 day treatment.

Vidya, Dec 27, 2016

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person