A male 64 years diagnosed as Non-Small Cell Carcinoma with brain metastasis visited AyurVaid Hospitals for ICRP (INTENGRATED CANCER REHABILITATION PROGRAM).He underwent radiotherapy for the resolution of brain metastasis and responded well to the treatment .Post Radiotherapy he underwent chemotherapy at Cancer Hospital for the primary lung tumor and mediastinal lymph nodes. He visited AyurVaid Hospital during his chemotherapy sessions and classical Ayurveda medicines were selected based on his constitution to improve his overall health status, to reduce the side effects and to target the tumor as well.

He could complete his chemotherapy without serious side effects, although he had some minor complaints like mouth coating, skin discoloration, frequency of stools, and abdominal pain after he completed chemotherapy, for which he underwent IP treatments at AyurVaid and had significant improvement in above complaints along with marked improvement in his performance status scale.Also his natural killer cell and Immunoglobulin evaluation was done post Ayurveda treatments and was found to be absolutely normal, which in such cases is usually very low.

Though conventional therapies are the main line therapies in Cancer management, his tumor did not respond to the chemotherapy and now has been advised for oral chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He has been now advised to continue oral Ayurveda medicines for overall health improvement and for a follow up scan to review the response of Ayurveda drugs on the tumour activity

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person