Sell through Fear!

It is scary how big business influences, or should I say 'plays with', our latent fears and desires to drive parents to give 'strong medicines' to their children. What till a few years back would have been considered youthful exuberance of children has today become a multi-million dollar industry. This film from the NY Times tells us just how: How Pharmaceutical Cos. Sell A.D.H.D?
Do these medicines treat the root cause of ADHD or just suppress the symptoms? These dopaminergic drugs become addictive and the unfortunate, long term consequences of these medicines on wholesome child development are swept under the carpet. Classical Ayurveda treats behavioural disorders including attention deficit behaviour through natural, safe means. It treats the disorder fundamentally- starting with diet, lifestyle, and natural medicines as appropriate. The physician team at AyurVAID has treated several ADHD cases successfully. AyurVAID Blogger : The World of Ayurveda

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