Patient aged 67 years, came to AyurVAID with the following complaints

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Swelling in feet
  • Lethargy
  • Reddish urination

Patient was diagnosed with liver abscess and septicemia with uncontrolled fever since 15 days. Her complaints are not under control even with antibiotics, antipyretics and anti-fungal medications. So she took discharge against Medical advice and approached our hospital. She was under anti-diabetic (Insulin & Oral anti DM) & anti hypertensive medication.

Clinical Status

GC: Poor P+ E++ N0 C0 I0 L0Prakriti: Pitta Kapha

• BP- 160/100 mm of hg
• Pulse: 72 beats /min
• Temperature 1000 F
• Appetite: Poor
• Micturition Reddish (increased frequency)
• Bowels: Constipated
• Sleep: disturbed

• Jwara
• Yakritroga,
• Janushoola

PA: Soft, hepatomegaly
CNS: NAD      CVS: S1, S2 heard      RS: NVBS
• Foot Examination
• Oedema in right foot 24.5 cm (Pitting)
• Oedema in left foot 25 cm (Pitting)
• Knee joint examination
• Tenderness ++(Bilateral)
• Swelling- present
• Rom- Restricted in flexion
• Gait- With Support
Internal medications

1. RasnadiKashayam 3 tsp+9 tsp water twice daily on empty stomach(6.30 am,6.30 pm)
2. Vasaguluchyadikashayam 3tsp+9 tsp water twice daily before food(11.30 am,7.30 pm)
3. Nishamalakichoornam 1 tsp with hot water
4. Yogarajaguggulu 1-1-1 after food
5. KalyanakaGhirta- 1tsf at bed time
6. Liv 52-1-0-1 after food

CT thorax: Bilateral basal pleural effusion
Cardiomegaly with evolving hepatic abscess in left lobe
TSH 7.81mc IU/mL
RBS 281 mg/dL
Sputum c/s- candida albicans grown
USG- Mild cystitis
Widal Test-Positive
External medications

1. Balashwagandhadi +Murivenna for external application 1 hr before bath
2. Recopain for local application at bedtime
DateTemperatureBlood sugar (FBS-mg/dl)Blood sugar (PPBS-mg/dl)Blood pressure (mmHg)
22/08/14 (Admission) 1000F181 (RBS) (with T.Glynase)-160/100 (with T.Losar)
2/09/14 (Discharge)960F190(without medication)246(without medication)130/90 (without medication)

Ayurveda offers effective management for acute infections like septicemia.

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person