She Got More Than Expected Results

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Background on patient’s health: Malini consulted AyurVAID on PCOD, Returned Cured

Hear it from the patient:

“From the day I was asked to take treatment for PCOD at AyurVAID, the doctor was just awesome in explaining the problem clearly and was so supportive in advising me that my problem was not a big deal. So thank 'U' so much for that doctor. And with that she handed me over to a Mrs.Rekha, a soft person and a second guiding person. So thank 'U' Mrs. Rekha and the people who did my treatment were superb and so friendly. I got more than what (I) actually expected. Thank You, AV Hospital and Staff !!!

Patient Outcome: The Outcome with AyurVAID treatment completely floored the patient

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person