Specialised Healing Programs

1. Disease Management Programmes:

14 day/21 day programmes that help achieve both sympyomatic relief as well as root-cause effective treatment of serious chronic disease.

A complete programme that includes personalized diet plans, lifestyle inputs (therapeutic Yoga, if permitted by the physician), medicines customized schedule of preparatory (purvakarma), main systematic –cleansing (panchakarma) therapies, treatment (consultation and nursing charges) and patient-diet..

There is a 7 day programme offered too for symptomatic relief.

2. Wellness Programmes

AyurVAID`s proprietary programmes that focus on alleviation of mild to moderate problems related to sleep, appetite, stress, vitality, excretion, energy levels, pain, and skin and hair problems.

2 nights and 3 days in duration, you will need to check-in as an inpatient at the Aster AyurVAID CIM for this programme that begins with a detailed consultation. You will be given a detailed, personalized diet plan and lifestyle plan to efficiently manage your health problems, prevent possible health risks and ensure sustained wellbeing.

3. Rehabilitation Programmes

Aster AyurVAID CIM offers comprehensive programmes for rehabilitating those who suffered a paralytic stroke, underwent treatment for cancer or trauma surgery.

The benefit of an integrated rehabilitation programme is that it promotes accelerated restoration of health, alleviation of side effects (if any) of the primary therapy and prevents recurrence of the condition.

Physiotherapy and other Allopathic inputs shall be appropriately and seamlessly integrated with Ayurveda care after consulting with your primary Allopathic physician at Aster Medcity. The duration and nature of this programme shall be customized according to the specific requirement of each patient.


Magnificent Recovery of a 72 Year Old Paralytic Stroke Patient from Oman

* Outcomes may vary from person to person

Gangrene Controlled by Ayurveda Treatment @AyurVAID

* Outcomes may vary from person to person

Lower Limb Paralysis, Post LAP Sleeve Gastrectomy (Bariatric) Procedure @AyurVAID

* Outcomes may vary from person to person

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person