AyurVAID Clinics # 1 | The diabetes Specialist

AyurVAID opens its Diabetes Specialty Clinic on the 100 ft Ring Road, Jayanagar 5th Block, Bangalore. An exceptional pair of senior physicians in Dr. Ajithkumar Vivekanandan and Dr. Rekha Varma lead process driven, root cause diagnosis and management of diabetes across the spectrum: from pre-diabetes to diabetes to diabetic complications. Classical Ayurveda, with complementary modern laboratory inputs, comes to the rescue […]

Ayurveda in the Workplace

AyurVAID at a special session on Wellness in the Workplace organized by a forum of the top HR Managers/CHROs in Bangalore. It was an excellent opportunity for AyurVAID to present an alternate view of Ayurveda as a contemporary health management system relevant to employees (as individuals) and to management (as organizations).