AyurVAID’s ‘Treat to Target Diabetes (T2TD) Program’

AyurVAID Launches ‘Treat to Target Diabetes (T2TD) Program’ PAY A FIXED AMOUNT AND ENSURE THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO ACHIEVE TOTAL CONTROL OVER YOUR DIABETES Are you a Diabetic? And/or suffering from associated conditions such as PCOS, Hypothyroidism, Obesity, Hypertension, High LDL cholesterol, High Triglycerides? Join the revolutionary, outcomes driven AyurVAID ‘Treat to Target (T2TD) Diabetes […]

Ayurveda- Treatment of Choice for Wound Healing

Ayurveda is treatment of choice for any type of non-healing wounds – from burns to diabetic ulcers to deep vein thrombosis ulcers to varicose ulcers…….. Just one sample of Ayurveda’s powers is above. Also, the references in Ayurveda classical texts from which the treatment approach including medicines is derived is also given – showing that […]

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