Mrs.RV, Mother of 14 year old: Ms.S (my daughter) (was) a healthy, bubbly kid up until a year…


I was diagnosed with severe stomach pain and acid reflux because of poor diet and processed food,..


Before I consulted AyurVAID, I had severe abdominal pain and ulcers too.I was diagnosed…

Gastritis, Hypertension

Me and my wife came (to AyurVAID Hospitals, Domlur) with Gastric, BP (High) and for my wife…


Guys, I was suffering from Gastritis from 3 years, and I was Allopathy medicine for around 2 years…


I had chronic issue of GERD accompanied with bloating, belching etc…..

Diet and Lifestyle

I had acidity and gastritis problem. I suffered a lot for more than a month…

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