Tissue Blockages: Well defined in Ayurveda

Srotas are channels of circulations. These channels carry the nutrients undergoing transformation to their destination. Tissue elements are situated in different parts of the body and each of them has channels to carry their particular nourished substance.

Diseases manifest at the place where the aggravatedDosha(by exogenous or endogenous causes) circulating all over the body become obstructed, due to abnormality of thechannels. In short, an important principle of diseases manifestation in Ayurveda; the Doshas get aggravated by use of improper foods and activities first and vitiate the kosthagni (Metabolic enzymes) leading to improper digestion production of ama (toxin) and their minute srotas (body channels) this is called shrotodushti (blockages in channels).

Ayurveda classics have stated that Srotas- channels of circulation are inummerable- aparisankhyeya. And this process of metabolism and transformation is ongoing.

Incompatible diet and lifestyle leads to the disruption in this mechanism of metabolism and transformation and leads to accumulation in these microchannels- stated Ayurveda years ago

And now so says the conventional science :

"the disease is caused by the accumulation of plaque, the same process that underlies many heart attacks and strokes. But when a blockage occurs in your leg, your body can sometimes recruit new blood vessels to reroute blood around the obstruction. In the heart and brain, that is usually not the case. A blockage there will often result in tissue loss, Dr.Rimmerman said.


Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person