Uncontrolled Diabetes with Peripheral Neuropathy

Name: Mr ST

Age/Gender- : 53y / M

Presenting Complaint

  • Tiredness High Severity since 6 months
  • Low energy levels High Severity since 6 months
  • Mental dullness Medium severity since 6 months
  • Numbness in left hand Medium Severity since 2 weeks
  • Pain in left middle toe Medium Severity since 6 months
  • Incomplete evacuation of bowels- Medium Severity since 6 months
  • Blurred vision – loss of focus and orientation- High Severity Since 2 years
  • Cracks in both palm- Medium Severity since 6 months

Severity: High

Chronicity: Chronic-13 years

EpD: 6 months

OTT: 18 IU of Humalog injection before lunch and 18 IU dinner and 50 IU of Lantus before bedtime and Metformin 2000 mg once daily.

Ayurveda Medical Management Strategy:

Prescription of [Diet+Lifestyle+Medicine+Cleansing Therapies] customised to the patient and the stage of his diabetes disease.

Laboratory Investigations27/6/15 (TSD)1/76/7/15 (TED)
Humalog Insulin18 IU- 18 IU before food-
Lantus Insulin50 IU at bed time--30 IU
Metformin 2000 milligrams1 tab in the morning-1 tab in the morning1 Tab
Serum insulin fasting13.22 µU/ml13.2
Fasting glucose(serum)94mg/dl125mg/dl120mg/dl116
Post prandial Glucose(serum)103mg/dl131mg/dl182mg/dl160mg/dl
Fasting urine glucoseNilNilNILNIL
Post prandial urine GlucoseNilNilNILNIL

Weight and Measurements

Chest on inspirationCm4443.1-
Chest on expirationCm4644.2-
Right mid arm circumferenceCm3535-
Left mid arm circumferenceCm3333-
Umbilical circumferenceCm112107.5-
Waist CircumferenceCm110107-
Right mid thigh circumferenceCm5656
Left mid thigh circumferenceCm57.557.5
Patient’s outcome ParametersWeightage in %At admission (Condition score)After treatment (Condition score)
Gout related1024
Poor (1), fair (2), Good (3), Very good (4), Excellent (5)

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person