Weight Loss And Diabetes Reversal Through Ayurveda

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My son came running to the kitchen and told my wife, “Amma, let’s not eat outside-food until Appa is healthy again, okay?”. My heart broke. I could see the innocence in his eyes when he said it. My little son had already made a sacrifice. I just had to get better!

I love cooking! And, as the wise men once said, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. So, every now and then, I pave a way to my heart through delicious food! I grew up in a family which was fond of farming and being a vegetarian, that was a bonus! I’d eat 10 jalebis in a day, a few sweets here and there and some fried-snacks. I was a very proud foodie. Besides that, I’ve also been a very efficient employee at work.

I work for Accenture; Bangalore and I’ve always stayed committed to my office-hours and workload. My initial problem started with the A.C in the office. I’d always find the room hot regardless of how cold the actual temperature would be. My colleagues would be stunned ‘cause they’d be pleased with the temperature and faced no problems whatsoever. Eventually, I started realizing that my health wasn’t in the best of the condition. So, after consulting a few Ayurvedic doctors in my family, I went to AyurVAID Hospitals. There, I was diagnosed with Diabetes.

In the hospital, Dr. Ajith Kumar gave me my treatment plan and asked me to focus on reducing my weight. I dutifully took my medications and started exercising. I made a list of things that I wanted to eat and showed it to the doctor. My list had 20 items, and he approved of 18 items from it! Ayurveda transformed me! I started my journey as a 110 kilos man. Today, I’m 80 kgs, and I’m no longer a diabetic!

I intend to lose 5 more kgs in the upcoming months.

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Table of Contents
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