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I got married late when I was 38! I’m from the pink city of Jaipur and perhaps, the best of things happen to you late in life. My wife was a blessing to me. She was the most courageous and beautiful woman that I knew. We’d spend hours talking, laughing and enjoying each other’s company and always lose track of time. In its truest sense, she was my better half. We have been blessed with two amazing children; a son and a daughter. Ours is a family of rockstars!

Today I’m 75. My wife passed away 2 years ago. She was my partner in crime for over 30 years. I miss her more with each passing day. Her smile, her endless laughter, her energy, everything.I stay with my daughter in Bangalore now. Been here ever since my wife left us. I had a problem of high blood pressure and some weight issues so, I came to AyurVAID to seek treatment. My faith in Ayurveda dates back to decades earlier. My father was struggling with a health complication for over 40 years which was cured by Ayurveda practitioners. And ever since, I did not opt for any other form of treatment.

I believe that in Ayurveda, the doctors can diagnose a disease just by looking at the patient. Ayurveda doesn’t just subside a disease, it enroots it. I have complete trust in Ayurveda and even asked my daughter to try it. After taking the Panchakarma routine, she feels like a completely new person!

— Mr. Sudhir Kaul

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Table of Contents
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