Ayurveda treatment for Sciatica

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Treat Sciatica with Ayurveda

AyurVAID focuses on precision classical Ayurveda treatment protocols, following the fundamental principles of Ayurveda in addressing the root cause of diseases. After an in-depth assessment of the symptoms, detailed history taking, and understanding of the patient and the disease thoroughly on Ayurveda parameters, a definite treatment protocol is designed.


Treatment aims to achieve the management of pain by breaking the pathogenesis of the disease, thereby correcting the root cause and arresting further progression. 

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Our whole person-centric approach will help you regain your happiest and healthiest state of life. Our rehabilitation specialists will also give you advice on ergonomics, nutrition, and lifestyle changes to help you better manage your back pain. Patient centricity is at the core of the Ayurvaid approach.

AyurVAID is a pioneer in Ayurvedic Sciatica treatment in Bangalore (Karnataka), Kochi (Ernakulam, Kerala), and Kalmatia in the Himalayas (Almora, Uttarakhand) in India, offering therapeutic natural remedies for Sciatica.

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AyurVAID is India’s 1st Ayurveda hospital to be accredited by NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers), Quality Council of India.

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Treatment options for Sciatica

eliminating the accumulated toxins (ama)

The main goals are to eliminate the accumulated toxins (ama) at the site, purify it, and nourish the cartilage and other structures.

Ama Pachana

Reduce inflammation and pain in the joints


Body cleansing, ie, removal of toxins from the body by means of panchakarma therapies.

Shodhana is the most powerful detoxification strategy for expelling deep-seated tissue toxins and for complete cleansing of the body. It removes the root cause, giving relief to pain.


Prevention of further deterioration in the joints and rejuvenation of the damaged cartilage.

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What are the signs and symptoms of Sciatica

Sciatica pain can differ from person to person. For some, it may occur like a mild tingle, a dull ache, or a kind of burning pain.
In some cases, the pain will be so intense that the patient will be having difficulty moving or changing positions.
The sensations may also be felt on the back of the calf or the sole.
The affected leg may feel weak.
The pain often starts slowly. Sciatica pain may worsen in the following conditions:
Right after prolonged standing or sitting
At night
When sneezing, coughing, or laughing
When bending backward or walking for more than a few steps

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I choose Ayurvedic management for sciatica?
According to Ayurveda, vata is the major factor for pains and aches. It has a unique set of treatment protocols made to control vata and relieve the symptoms. Panchakarma procedures like vasthi act on minute levels, bringing out the dosha vitiation on that level.
What should I expect from Ayurvedic treatment?
Reduction in pain especially the radiating pain tracked in the pain scale, Relief in burning sensation, numbness & leg pain, Increased Range of Movement (ROM)
Will sciatica get resolved on its own?
There is no scientific proof for the same. As it is nerve-related, not taking management options is only going to increase nerve damage and worsen the condition. Even if the symptoms subside, they are likely to retrieve.

Ayurveda case studies of our patients

We work towards whole person health through classical Ayurveda science. Our Ayurveda case studies are the first-line evidence in Ayurvedic medical literature as they present the original observations from our Ayurveda practitioners. The case studies are published taking patient’s consent and maintaining patient anonymity.

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