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Dr. Rakesh Kumar N

BAMS, MD (Dravyaguna)

Ayurvedic neurologist in Bangalore

About Dr. Rakesh Kumar N

Dr Rakesh Nair is the Senior Physician at AyurVAID hospitals at Aster CMI. Passionate about ayurveda, he brings around 14 years experience in the field of clinical ayurveda. He brings to AyurVAID his experience at Kottakal Arya Vaidyasala (5 yrs) and Birla Kerala Vaidyashala (2 Years), alongside experience of his teaching stint at Hillside Ayurveda Medical College (Department of Dravya Gunam).

Dr. Rakesh has made it his mission to introduce authentic Ayurveda (Keraliya Style) across North India. An ardent explorer of flora and fauna Dr.Rakesh, who did his Masters on identification and utilization of medicinal plants, ensures that all the programs and treatment regimens at AyurVAID Kalmatia are customized using the rich flora of Kalmatia that he identifies through his vast 8 year long experience and practice.

He also has experience in handling the COVID CARE CENTRE at CV Raman nagar, 2021 and handling the covid patients in the integrated model.At Aster CMI, he is handling the integrative management of sub acute Neurological conditions like Road Traffic Accident rehab (RTA), Stroke Rehab, Parkinson’s disease, Acute Pain management, Spinal disorders. He collaborates with neuro surgeons and Physiatrist in framing the personalized treatment protocol for the neurological conditions and implements it. Along with these, nephrological cases like elevated creatinine levels, hyperuremia, metabolic nephropathy, cachexia he works closely with the nephrologist in improving patients functional health parameters and further prevention of progression and reduce the effects of dialysis.

He also uses classical Ayurveda protocol and diagnostics for the palliative care in conditions like Mucositis, insomnia, Neuropathy, Fatigue, Anxiety, Nausea and vomiting and generalized constipation for patients who is undergoing Chemo therapy especially in breast cancer and Ovarian cancer. He presently is working on forming the intervention protocol for the above conditions ranging from the diagnostics, assessing the severity, affecting the patients quality of life/ disability and assessing the changes using international scales and modern diagnostics tools blended with Ayurveda principles.


BAMS – Rajiv Gandhi University Of Health Sciences

MD- Dravyaguna

Ayurvedic Publications

     MANAGEMENT OF MALIGNANCY, Dr Rakesh kumar, Dr Rajasekhara chinta, Dr Rajasekhara, published in Ancient Science Of Life, Jan Edition 2014

  • PLANTS USES OTHER THAN MEDICINAL- Dr Rakesh kumar, Dr Rohini Bharadwaj, Dr Rajasekhara, Published in Ancient Science of Life and presented in 5 th WAC at Bhopal.

    ON PHENOBARBITAL INDUCED SEDATION-HYPNOSIS IN SWISS ALBINO MICE, Dr Rakesh kumar, Dr Rajasekhara chinta, Dr Rajasekhara, published in           International journal of Experimental Pharmacology, Jan Edition 2014.

  • ANALYSIS OF ROLE OF HARITAKI AS DIFFERENT LEHYA YOGASIN SWAASA- presented in ‘Oushadha prayoga in Pranavaha Srotovikara’ at SDM College of Ayurveda, Hassan on 23 rd and 24 th September 2013.
  • ETHNO BOTANICAL STUDY OF FOLKLORE PRACTICES IN PANAJE DIST.OF DAKSHINA KARNATAKA- National Seminar on Pharmaco -Clinical Approaches in Ayurveda – Recent Trends & Challenges at VPSV Ayurveda College, Kottakkal, Kerala on 27 th & 28 th April 2012 organized by Association of Dravyagunavignan Specialists (ADVISE)
  • SURVEY OF PLANTS IN BOOTHATHANKETU, An Ethno Botanical Study. Dr Rakesh, Dr Varghese, Dr Ajayan S, Dr Sridhara B.
  • KARKIDAKA TREATMENT: THE SCIENTIFIC WAY- Dr Rakesh presented in ayurpub 2016;I (3) 89-93
  • Approach of Ayurveda system to Transgender care- 30/7/2021
  • Integrative management of Post COVID Encephalopathy- A Case study at Agnivesha Ayurveda Samsthana
Primary Hospital

AyurVAID @ Aster CMI , Hebbal

Aster CMI Hospital, 2nd floor, New Airport Rd, Sahakar Nagar, Hebbal, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560092

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