Quality at Apollo AyurVAID

Apollo AyurVAID Quality Management System focus on all aspects of service delivery like patient rights and education, infection control practices, trained and experienced staff, infrastructure, and environment safety. The increasing complexity of today’s healthcare services emphasizes the need for a systematic approach that both promotes and provides for the highest level of service quality and patient safety.

Quality Policy

AVH (Apollo AyurVAID Hospitals) shall provide informed, safe, and affordable medical care based on a standardized, process driven implementation of classical Ayurveda medical science, creating a culture of excellence, ownership, and continuous improvement amongst all caregivers in the organization, leading to maximizing the probability of positive outcomes for our patients.

Quality Objectives

Customer Satisfaction, Safety, Punctuality, Informed Care, QM Function, Adverse Incident Reporting, Correction, Corrective Action & Preventive Action, Internal Audits, Committee Meetings, Monitors Quality Indicators, Training & Development, ‘Q’ Calendar, Risk Management, Medical Audit, Performance Management.

Quality Awards

Apollo AyurVAID Hospital, Domlur in Bengaluru is the first hospital in the country to receive the prestigious NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) accreditation standard for Ayurveda hospitals.

This exclusive 20-bed (30 bed capacity) Ayurveda hospital with air-conditioned (optional) premium, private, and semi-private rooms is located off the Intermediate Ring Road connecting Indira Nagar to Koramangala, adjacent to Dell-EGL. The treatment rooms are most hygienically maintained. All rooms are airy, well-lit, with en-suite bathrooms, flat screen televisions and Wi-Fi internet access.

Our Key Indicators for Quality

Clinical indicators
Non-Clinical/Management indicators
HIC indicators

Apollo AyurVAID Hospital Monitors Quality Indicators across Hospitals and AVH Domlur Captures 77 indicators such as Structure, Process, Outcome & Infection Control.

Overview of Quality at Apollo AyurVAID

At Apollo AyurVAID, personalized customer care is of the utmost importance and that is reflected through our services. It begins with a consultation with an Apollo AyurVAID Physician. This process is critical as our treatment programs are customised for every individual based on their symptoms and diagnosis. We focus not only on offering treatments, but also educating patients about their illness and ways in which they can prevent it from recurring in the future.

Apollo AyurVAID Offers Effective Management Across the Ayurveda Services Spectrum

At Apollo AyurVAID, we focus on utilizing the best that Ayurveda can offer to patients at various levels of the Services Spectrum we also follow the medical motto, “If we cannot help, we will do no harm.”

Authentic wellness market
Includes Convalescence. Funtional health improvement and Geriatric care
Primal & Primary prevention
Fetal wellbeing and impact of Gestational illness on adult health. Primary prevention health promotion to avoid development of any speficif disease
Secondary prevention
Curative care for early stage disease and chronic disease
Tertiary prevention
Acute Emergency Care (ACE). In this we provide care post illness or medical emergency

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