AyurVAID’s Corporate Wellness Outreach Programs

General Physician Camp

AyurVAID general physician camp is to check and optimise the daily routine of our lifestyle.

Screening – Personal Health Information and unique screening with Ayurveda Functional Health Parameters (such as quality of sleep), Allopathic Parameters (such as BP, Pulse, BMI), Risk factors and emerging risk factors will be done.
Consultation with an AyurVAID Physician – Brief consultation followed by classical Ayurveda recommendations based on Diet, Lifestyle, Medicine and Treatment.
AyurVAID Medicine Counter - Acceptance of purchase requests for Ayurveda medicines as prescribed, at a special 5% discount.

Diabetes Screening Camp

AyurVAID diabetes screening camp is to check and consult about the sugar level in our body.

Screening – Personal Health Information Screening with BP, Ht, Wt, BMI and RBS (Random Blood Sugar)
Diabetes Screening Questionnaire – Analyzing
(i) The primary risk factors for Diabetes and
(ii) The severity of diabetes signs and symptoms to establish the stage of diabetes in the patient (from non-diabetes to pre-diabetes to mature diabetes with complications)
Consultation with Diabetes Specialist - Personalized, classical Ayurveda prescription covering appropriate Diet, Lifestyle, Medicine and Treatment for root cause disease management.
Live Counter - Diabetic Food and Medicines
Patient Ambassador - To share his experience with respect to disease management achieved for his diabetes problem (In person or via video conference)

Eye Camp

AyurVAID eye camp is to check and consult about the eyes and have a lecture about eye care

Screening – Personal Health Information Screening.
Consultation with Eye Specialist – General eye check up with special focus on Computer Vision Syndrome, Myopia and other refractory errors, Eye Strain/fatigue.
Brief lecture “Eye Care- In your Hands” to impart knowledge from Classical Ayurveda perspective

Women’s Health Camp

AyurVAID general physician camp is to check and consult about the women’s common health issue.